Youth First

Welcome to Youth First Dayton!

Youth First – Greater Dayton has three main goals:

  • · To provide a support system for sexual minority youth (ages 13-18).
  • · To educate youth in risk behavior reduction,including those associated with HIV/AIDS infection and risks associated with substance abuse.
  • · To provide a safe and comfortable environment for sexual minority youth to socialize and meet.

Youth First now meets the same day as the monthly PFLAG Meeting at Harmony Creek Church, 5280 Bigger Rd, Kettering, OH 45440.
 ***2nd Tuesday of each the month at 7:30pm***

Phone: (937) 640-3333
Youth First – Greater Dayton
P.O. Box 3721
Dayton, OH 45401
A Safe and Comfortable Place For Sexual Minority Teens

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